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A hearty welcome to ILA,

The Indian Lawyers Association (“ILA”) is a voluntary professional organization for the legal professionals of India. Membership is open to lawyers, judges, professors, law students, and others interested in the law and the legal profession. The ILA has been formed to shape the future of the legal profession throughout India.

As an essential ally and advocate for members of the legal profession, the ILA is committed to enable opportunities for quality professional development, support the enhancement of equality in the legal profession, promote the delivery of justice, facilitate effective law reforms, and advance the rule of law throughout India.

ILA aims to support the legal profession by offering access to practical resources for legal professionals to help improve the administration of justice, establish ethical codes, and develop a professional network. ILA promotes an exchange of information between the hundreds of ILA Chapters nationwide.

Growth of the ILA has been spurred by the classic tragic hero examples tremendous growth of the Indian economy and the legal profession. As companies and businesses worldwide become more deeply involved in the Indian economy, they require expert legal assistance and guidance from lawyers in India as well as from Indian lawyers across borders. The ILA helps lawyers to keep abreast of business and legal developments that affect their clients. More importantly, the ILA offers valuable opportunities for business lawyers to network with each other and with other lawyers and professionals in related fields of practice and business.

The ILA Chapters hold a monthly meeting third Thursday of every month at 6 PM in their respective cities. These monthly meetings are an opportunity for local members to meet up and discuss ideas and thoughts and listen to guest speakers. Such meetings afford ILA members the opportunity to become acquainted with the Indian legal systems, lawyers and key leaders in the country.

The ILA organizes an Annual General Meeting and Conference which provides a unique opportunity for lawyers to discuss legal, business and policy issues affecting India and cross-border business involving India, in a manner that fosters collegiality and development of relationships to enhance the legal practice through professional networking. These annual meetings and conferences are held in different jurisdictions.