Home Committees

Dear Colleague,

We are inviting you to join one of many ILA Committees.

These Committees are self-governing bodies with 10 to 35 lawyers from across the country. The Committees are a wonderful way to accomplish one or more of the objectives of ILA give something back to the Community; to network with lawyers all over the country; and be part of the biggest lawyer Association anywhere in the world.

All the Committee members are successful and high achieving lawyers. We would be thrilled to have you join or lead one of the many Committees. We are also confident that the future leadership of ILA national and local for years to come will come from within the ranks of the Committee members.

ILA has the following specialist committees covering all areas of law that members can join:

1. Anti-Corruption and the Rule of Law
3. Aviation Law
4. Banking, Finance and Securities
5. Competition Law
6. Corporate Counsel
7. Cross-Border Investment
8. Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
9. Employment Law
10. Energy & Natural Resources
11. Environmental Law
12. Insolvency
13. Insurance
14. Intellectual Property
15. International Construction Projects
16. International Trade
17. Law Students
18. Legal Development and Training
19. Legal Practice
20. Maritime Law
21. Pro Bono
22. Scholarship
23. Tax Law
24. Technology, Media & Telecommunications
25. Women Lawyers

Committee Chairs Guidelines

1. Please get in touch with the members of your committee, and welcome them. We had promised all of them that the Chairperson will get in touch with them.
2. Please write a paragraph or two description of your committee for the web site. Goals, objectives, and purpose. Can be a page if you want.
3. Try to get members from different parts of India on your committee, if your committee is not full. Write to the ILA Chapter president of the city from which you want a member. Ask them to get you volunteers.
4. Decide how many members you want in your committee. What is the ideal size for the kind of purpose you have in mind. From ILA point of view, the more the merrier, so that the involvement of attorneys from around the country increases. But you have to strike a balance.
5. Appoint a vice chair person, if you want to delegate some of the work.
6. 15th of every month – if you can give a report to the board. However long or short you want.
7. Publicize the activities of your committee to the outside world.
8. See how your committee wants to play a role at the National Conference.
9. Finally, the growth, the success, the effectiveness of the committee – it all rests in your hands. Make it a productive one.