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Indian Lawyers Association will work towards promoting the highest quality legal education.
We have a special focus to work with universities to develop programs and advance legal education.

Prof. Dr. Mona Sharma was the founding faculty at a legal law college and has around two decades of experience in academics and training. She has been associated with several NGO’s in spreading awareness towards legal issues and rights. She has also had the privilege of working closely and conducting several programmes in collaboration the National Commission for Women towards gender awareness and sensitization. She believes that self-growth begins with self-exploration and self-awareness. She also believes that success in life involves not just doing our jobs well but also mastering the balance between smart brain and a warm heart. For her it is not just about having more but becoming more.

She has varied experience in conducting successful training programmes to help young people develop a visionary response to their daily lives. Her passion is in creating value and excellence through her independent role as a professional training consultant. She advocates personal growth and community building for creating a legal environment that is just and fair.


Parimal Bhatia is a First-year student at the Amity Law School, Delhi. He seeks to learn more from the field of law and aim to give his best through the knowledge that he has. He has keen interest in music and drama, the kind of passion that drives him to work for the cultural good of any organization.


Meghna Nimbekar is a Third-year student at Amity Law School, Delhi. Her experiences in various fields of Law has helped her take a pragmatic approach towards the same. She has written and presented papers on legal topics relating to The Family and Constitutional Law. She has been working towards achieving the aim of community empowerment by finding meticulous solutions to fundamental human issues.


Ishant Arora is a Third-year Law student. Love for Criminal Law, Public International Law, Music and Arts define him. He’s a keen listener, absorbs information and works with stupendous enthusiasm.


Karishma Maria is a Fourth-year student at Amity Law School, Delhi. Her areas of interest include Constitutional Law, Human Rights Law and Criminal Law. She loves reading, watching plays, and the colour red; she hates small talk.



Kritika Angirish

Kritika Angirish is a young lawyer who is keen to participate towards a change. Kritika experienced the importance of diversity and associations when she went to pursue her Masters in Criminal Justice, QMUL. Her Scholarship gave her the opportunity to interact with divergent opinions that encouraged an open mind towards community building. She was the Director of Seminars & Conference for ELSA at her University and has also previously been part of leading various events. Presently working as a full time lawyer; she hopes to achieve mutual cooperation, accommodating individualism that promotes continuous education.


Ruchi Khanna

Ruchi Khanna is a fifth year law student at Amity Law School, Noida. She is pursuing B.A. LLB (H). Her areas of interest in the legal field include Competition Law, Taxation and Constitutional Law. She has had experience of legal training during her summer internships.  Through the platform of ILA, she is looking forward to give back to the legal profession.


Abhinav Jaiswal

Abhinav Jaiswal is a fifth year law student at Amity Law School, Noida. He is pursuing B.A. LLB (H). His areas of interest include Company Law, Law of Contracts, Law of Criminology, Service Law, Labour Law. He has attained certifications in several courses like Cyber Law and Risk Management Systems Professional Training. Abhinav has also published research works and has assisted in various publications of various works. He has had a vast experience of legal training during his summer and winter internships. He has displayed his leadership skills in organizing and coordinating a number of events at his college and taking upon the role and responsibility of a Campus Ambassador. Abhinav is looking forward to working as an accomplished lawyer in the legal field.


Anadya Girotra

Anadya Girotra is a law student in her final year with amity law school Noida.

Having a flare for the English language and writing has given her the opportunity of interning for the organisation.

having keen interests in the general corporate side of the law  has allowed her to intern under various law firms which have opened the doors for a deeper and incessant understanding of the workings of law in India.

She hopes to archive a high regard in the corporate world and opts to be a part of the furtherance of ILA as an organisation which is the need of the hour for the legal profession of India.