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Welcome to the ILA Student Tab! It is in line with our vision to create a separate space for students to find aid they look for to grow and to make contributions to legal field. The younger members of the legal profession benefit immensely from our platform because it is the only place in their city where they can rub shoulders with senior members of their profession.

Here, they can find mentors, get suggestions, learn from others who have blazed the trail before them, and find full time work or temporary assignments. We aim to work with the universities and law schools to coordinate mentoring of students. We welcome interns and young lawyers to participate in with us on a volunteer basis.

ILA is looking to partner with over 500 universities in the next 6 months to promote programs for mentoring and internships across India in each of its 100 chapters. Our vision is to provide an efficient platform for mentoring and professional development opportunities for individual law students and lawyers.