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Why Indian Lawyers Association?

At the end of the day it’s the law that creates a society. We are a large country with 1.3 billion people living in a diverse culture with many religions, languages, customs and practices. For us to live together as a society, we must have a very strong law and order system.

For us to become a successful society where everyone is literate, no one is poor, businesses prosper, Governments function, there must be fairness, equality, and speedy justice for all. Law is the neutralizing force. Enforced law unclogs the arteries of commerce. Law allows entrepreneurs to take risks because at the end of the day they will be treated fairly. Laws followed allows the poor and unfortunate to become human beings. Law allows all 1.3 billion people of India to take care of their lives and become the caretakers to look after their society and surroundings and ultimately their country. It is law that keeps the three branches of the government in check and functioning optimally.

Since law plays such an important role in our society, it is equally important that the 1.3 million lawyers have an organization that unifies them and provides a platform in 100 plus cities where the members can network, exchange ideas, get a job or to hire someone, learn and teach, learn ways to create more wealth, and have a lot more fun in life.

How is ILA organized?

ILA is a society in India with its headquarters in New Delhi. ILA has 100 plus chapters in India. ILA has a professional board with a president, president-elect and many other board members. Each chapter of ILA has its own board, with a president, a president-elect and a dozen board members.